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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  May 3, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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welcome to nhk world "newsline" on this national holiday. the fate of a chinese man in the global spotlight. human rights activist chen guangcheng now says he wants to leave his country, with his family, hoping to move to the united states, because he says humiditiy human rights are not guaranteed in china. china. chen spoke with nhk by phone thursday afternoon from the beijing hospital to which he had been moved on to wednesday.
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>> chen said the authorities have set up new surveillance cameras at his home in the shendong province where his mother still lives. the american official who negotiated with china spoke to a radio station. assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, kurt campbell, said the important thing was whether chen would be able to live a normal life in china. campbell said during his talks with chen, the activist never said a word about asylum or a visit to the united states. a foreign ministry spokesperson says china condemns the way the
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u.s. embassy accepted chen. >> translator: i'm strongly dissatisfied with what america has done. they took an irregular way of dealing with chen and their interference in china's domestic affairs is unacceptable. >> chen entered the u.s. embassy last thursday after escaping from shandong province where he had been forcibly confined to his home since 2010. on wednesday, when chen moved from the american embassy to the hospital, following negotiations between the two governments, a u.s. statement said he and his family would be resettled to a safe place within china. china and the united states have begun their annual bilateral talks, but the chinese dissident's fate is overshadowing the meeting. the two sides originally planned to discuss a wide range of issues, including their bilateral trade imbalance and
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north korea. the talks known as the strategic and economic dialogue began in beijing on thursday. chinese president hu jintao said china and the united states must respect each other and manage their differences in order to develop their relationship. u.s. officials have been looking to the two-day talks as a chance to push china into pressuring iran and north korea over their nuclear programs. >> a china that protects the rights of all its citizens will be a stronger and more prosperous nation. and, of course, a stronger partner on behalf of our common goals. >> attention is now focused on how the two nations deal with the chen guangcheng issue. japan, south korea and china have agreed to join forces to prevent the european credit crisis from spilling into asia. the finance ministers and central bank governors of the three countries met in manila. they share the view that the
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asian economy is stable and on a recovery course. they also agreed on continuing grounds for concern, namely the european crisis and volatile movements in exchange rates. the three nations confirm they will further deepen financial and economic ties and take concerted action to prevent the european situation from affecting asia. in a joint statement, the officials announced they will promote investment by their foreign reserve authorities in one another's government bonds and further strengthen cooperation. >> translator: we agreed we should create an economic block and a framework with asean countries to prevent the spread of economic crisis originating in europe and other regions. a u.s. advocacy group has announced its global rankings of media freedom.
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the survey identifies eritrea, north korea, syria, and iran as the world's most censorship heavy countries. a private organization for the protection of journalists, the committee to protect journalists published details of its latest analysis of media repression. the east african country of eritrea topped the list with no foreign reporters allowed in, and all domestic media under government control. north korea fared worse in the committee's previous survey six years ago. it moved down a notch to second. the committee says tiny cracks have emerged in the country such as the opening of an associated press bureau in the capital of pyongyang this year. the group says north korea is hiding issues with vast worldwide implications with beneath severe censorship. these include the continuing development of nuclear weapons and the country's new political power structure. the committee says censorship
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has intensified significantly in syria and iran in response to political unrest. japanese researchers say the highly contagious avian flu virus could mutate into a new strain capable of spreading between mammals, including humans. the study sparks months long debate among u.s. security experts over fears that it could be used for terrorist purposes. a research team led by a professor of the university of tokyo artificially created an h5n1 strain of bird virus in a u.s. laboratory. they repeatedly infected ferrets with the artificial virus. ferrets are the best animal model for studies of human influenza. they say the hybrid virus was able to spread between ferrets after undergoing four mutations but they also say the ferrets
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were not seriously affected and could be treated with antiviral drugs. >> translator: the new findings are significant in terms of producing vaccines as well as measuring the degree of risk posed by prevailing bird flu viruses. >> the united states initially urged researchers to suspend publication of the study over concerns of its possible use by bioterrorists. but the u.s. later reversed their decision, citing the benefits of publication such as vaccine development. a fuel efficient jet engine developed by -- for, rather, the mitsubishi regional jet or mrj was unveiled in the u.s. state of connecticut. the plane will be japan's first domestically developed small passenger aircraft in 50 years. the small-sized jetliner is being developed by mitsubishi aircraft corporation, a subsidiary of mitsubishi heavy industry, with support from the japanese government.
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u.s. aviation equipmentmaker pratt & whitney says the engine, which measures 9.1 meters in diameter, is more fuel efficient than existing models. >> the combination of good fuel efficiency, low noise and low cost of operation of the airplane and passenger comfort will make the mitsubishi very successful. >> the company has been flight testing the engine since late april. they say the mrj, powered by their inonovative engine, will help bring about a major change within the industry. the plane is expected to make its maiden flight in october of next year. and now here's the weather forecast.
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we'll be back with more news next hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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